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Energy conservation and environmental protection

1. High temperature flue gas dust removal

The metal fiber met produced by our company can be applied to the high temperature flue gas treatment in the power and metallurgical industry. The temperature of the conventional bag dust removal is 200 degrees, but the temperature of the metal fiber met dust removal is 800 degrees. As a complete set of high temperature flue gas treatment equipment, it can reduce processing links and reduce energy consumption.

2. Automobile exhaust purification

The metal fiber met produced by our company can be used for the purification of automobile exhaust.

Pollution source: PM2.5, mainly from diesel automobile;

The conversion efficiency is above 60% to meet the European IV and above emission standards.

3.Wet desulphurization in coal-fired power plants

The titanium / steel composite plate, which is processed by the "explosion + rolling" process, is widely used in the chimney lining plate of wet desulphurization in coal-fired power plants.

4. Waste acid concentration and recovery system

The national key new product developed by our company, the waste acid concentration and recovery treatment of tantalum equipment, has been instead of foreign imports with the first domestic market share.

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